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Horror Remakes

1985, 2011: Jerry the vampire is a very real suburban threat (two words)
1953, 2005: One stars Vincent Price in 3D, the other is Paris Hilton's first film role (three words)
1978, 2004: Is a mall the best place to ride out a zombie apocalypse? (four words)
1932, 1999: Boris Karloff and Arnold Vosloo each took turns as Imhotep (two words)
1931, 1992, etc: This title character is second only to Sherlock Holmes in number of screen appearances
1973, 2006: Both are based on the novel RITUAL, but only one version has an unhinged Nicolas Cage (three words)
1989, 2019: In this Stephen King adaptation, sometimes dead is better (two words)
1941, 2010: May become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright (two words)
1958, 1986: When teleportation goes wrong, it goes very wrong (two words)
1951, 1982: John Carpenter’s version was hated upon release, but is now viewed as a classic (two words)