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Rocks and Soil Crossword

A layer of soil with properties different from the layers above or below it. (two words)
This type of rock forms as deposited sediment becomes compacted and cemented.
One of the three types of soil that has the largest particles and feels gritty.
This is when farmers plant different crops in order to use less nutrients from the soil. (two words)
This is when farmers plow across the slope of hills to prevent soil erosion. (two words)
_____ is a mixture of weathered rock, organic matter, water, and air.
This type of rock forms deep in the Earth as a result of extreme heat and pressure.
One of the three types of soil that holds more water than sand and feels smooth when wet.
The slow process by which old rocks are recycled into new rock. (two words)
This soil horizon has little or no weathering. This layer is the crust of the Earth.
The layer of soil called weathered bedrock is often called _____ because this is the layer from which upper layers are developed. (two words)
The breakdown of rock into fragments due to wind, water, ice, and heat.
Fossils are often found in this type of rock.
The organic part of the soil. This forms when dead plants and animals decay.
The soil horizon where you would find the greatest amount of decayed organic matter.
The main ingredient in soil. (two words)
Rock formed from cooled magma.
One of the three types of soil that is sticky and holds lots of water.
Making steps in the sides of hills to control soil erosion.