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When Animals Attack!

A man-eating shark terrorizes a summer resort town
A film crew encounters a legendary snake in the Amazon rainforest
Samuel L. Jackson has had it with these slithering reptiles on this aircraft (4 words)
Slang for a large North American brown bear, as well as the title antagonist of this 1976 nature thriller
A 1978 B-movie inspired by 1-Across, featuring a fish with a killer underbite
A 1990 film starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman, also the fear of spiders
Even with no expenses spared, life finds a way (2 words)
A St. Bernard goes on a rampage after a bat bite
A 1978 disaster-horror film featuring a killer bee invasion in Texas (2 words)
A father and daughter must escape alligators in their home during a hurricane