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A puzzle by Lex Friedman
City famous for its poorly constructed tower
Writer/director Solrun of films including Aya and Pyongyang Diaries
Sports net
Common ending in church
Grayish yellows that are greener and paler than chamois or old ivory
Actor LaBeouf
Area surrounded by bars
A quality one might demonstrate
Answer to: "Where'd you put your mallet-struck instrument?"
Female fowl
PC network admin
____ Smalley
An ailment that may be fun to catch but not to have
Response when poet Cummings asks which NJ airport he's landing at
A nice Reliant automobile
One of the Descendants
Significant punishment for losing your drum set?
When the president of a hospital issues a directive on how to handle 911 patients, in brief
Narrowly achieves (with "out")
Cupertino-based company focused on cloud services for businesses
Between J and O
Word repeated thrice at the start of a popular children's round
Novelist Owen
Genus of perennial flowering plants in Eurasia
HBO and Cin competitor
Linguistically distinct sounds from a glockenspiel-esque instrument?
A non-unisex lavatory
It might be deep
Hectares alternative
Roman virgin–martyr venerated as a saint, also known as Agnes
"_____ point in your incoherent rambling..."
Spicy cured pork
Baby quieter, in brief
Computer of which the ad intoned, "There is no step three"
Nintendo competitor
An ancient Egyptian official during the late 18th Dynasty of Egypt
Protector of brains
Indian or Arctic, for example
Saudi city and soccer team
Auto brand with a four ring logo
Manchester Baby computer's abbreviation
Exams that focus on longford answers
Personal data acronym
Brief respite
They work with QBs and WRs
A crowd?
Part of USSR
Baltimore player
A garden plot, in Estonian, or a jumbling of A Preen
Minnesota city
Spins around
Needed ASAP
Airline headquartered south of the US border
It requires a driver
Canadian singer and songwriter
Rapper also known as NSX, The Gorilla, and Junior Payne
For each
A descendant of a notable family
"_____ thou meetest, say thou this to each"
Bread variant
Exam pre law school
A large-toothed whale
Norwegian football club ____ Grenland
Fix mistakes
Not yours
Not odd
An Irish tax
Across Thompson
George's alter ego on Seinfeld
A loud noise