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The Hate U Give
People often tell Starr that she is _____.
Who starts the fire in the Carters’ store?
The novel’s primary theme is about systemic _____.
what Starr’s classmates do to get out of class
What is Starr’s biggest weapon according to her attorney?
Uncle Carlos is a(n) _____ on the police force.
Maverick once belonged to the King _____.
Lisa Carter’s profession
the name of Starr’s school (2 words)
She doesn’t recognize that her comments are racist.
the badge number of the officer who killed Khalil
The grand jury’s decision sparks a(n) _____.
She works for Just Us for Justice. (2 words)
what Starr wants for Khalil
Starr’s childhood best friend
Maverick’s theory is that Harry Potter is about _____.
Whose tattoo reads, “Some¬thing to live for, something to die for”?
For most of the novel, Starr lives in _____ _____. (2 words)
Starr and _____ love the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Who is hiding from King?
_____ says, “It’s dope to be black until it’s hard to be black.”
Starr and Kenya’s brother
Starr feels conflicted about her _____.
Starr is on the _____ team at school.
Starr and _____ make a “minority alliance.”
“A _____ is not a gun!”
Khalil sold drugs only to pay the debts of his _____.
Who was murdered in a drive-by when Starr was ten?
The novel’s title refers to “Thug Life,” a term explained by rapper _____.
“His life mattered. Khalil _____!”