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The Outsiders
The trademark the greasers are proud of is their __________.
Ponyboy feels good when Darry calls him __________ __________. (two words)
Slang for a big fight
Who says, “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston”?
Cherry acts as one for the greasers.
Two-Bit tells Ponyboy, “don’t get __________.”
After being attacked, Johnny carries what?
After Darry slaps him, Ponyboy __________ __________. (two words)
A piece of timber falls on and breaks Johnny’s __________.
Johnny leaves Ponyboy his copy of __________ __________ __________ __________. (four words)
The police __________ Dally after he draws an unloaded gun.
The main rule of the big fight is no __________.
Ponyboy and Johnny talk about a Frost poem with the line “Nothing gold __________ __________.” (two words)
Ponyboy threatens Socs with a broken __________.
A Soc attempts to __________ Ponyboy during the fight.
The newspaper calls Ponyboy and Johnny __________.
Which greaser just got out of jail?
Who has guardianship of Ponyboy and Sodapop?
Car driven by the Socs who jump Johnny (two words)
Johnny rejects a visit from his __________.
This type of stealing is Two-Bit Mathews’s specialty.
Ponyboy and Johnny stay in an abandoned __________.
The gang’s nickname for Johnny
Bob’s friend who is “sick of” the rivalry between Socs and greasers
While hiding out, Ponyboy and Johnny eat nothing but __________ sandwiches.
Sodapop’s friend and coworker at the gas station
Ponyboy fears that, while he was unconscious, he asked only for __________.
Before he dies, Johnny tells Ponyboy, “Stay __________.”
“__________ was the only thing Dally loved.”
Ponyboy asks Cherry if she can see the __________ “real good from the West Side.”