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Cast Away

A puzzle by Lex Friedman
Be towed by a boat, perhaps?
Swaps, as of old ones for new ones
What one must do if one encounters a villain
"The death," in Portuguese
Show hosted by former Obama speechwriters
American political theorist, author and professor Patrick
Romanized spelling of the Iranian city of Raŝt
Water barrier
X marks it
Connected with vision
Provide a spoken account
What the shaded clues all represent
Sorkin and Burr, for two
Coveted material during the COVID-19 pandemic, in brief
What an alien hunter might shout as he fires upon his prey
Get fit
One who coaches from the La-Z-Boy, say
Heads for again
Where a confession might occur
Member of a quartet, perhaps
Those from the largest city and county seat of Chemung County, New York
A story or play in regular installments
How the shaded clues might be distributed
Internet acronym for a coarser version of "Huh?!"
Form for most of Hamilton's speeches
Tuesday food
_____ & Eddy
Hershey's H.B. _____
Ninth month of the civil year on the Hebrew calendar
______ Out (2019 film)
The Corrs 90s single Only When ______
A tool for shaping the rungs of a ladder
Where gold deposits might be found
Ginger Spice's?
Down the _____
Trick's frequent partner
Something that's against the rules
Often paired with "well" or "all"
One who behaves dishonorably, especially towards a woman
A pork dish, computer worm, or alternate spelling of a loose dress of Hawaiian origin
Magician's exclamation
League of Legends European Championship, for short
Between cool and cucumber
Phono connector's more common label
A proprietary archive file format that supports data compression
Piece of bread dipped in gravy
Titan Pharmaceuticals, on the NASDAQ
Essential nature
Accurate pluralization of foetus
How to get the new iPhone as fast as possible
Bends before
Skiing gold medalist Howell and swimming gold medalist Torres, for two
Significant northeast hurricane in 2011
Mixed-up gamer?
Food poisoning cause
Eighth letter of the Greek alpahbet
______ Now (compilation album by Art Garfunkel)
People Expecting Hi-Res Images, for short
Hip-hop artist behind the single Chopstick
Retro-biosynthetic analysis of nonribosomal peptides, for short
"Think" in Norwegian
The federal law enforcement and security arm of the U.S. Department of State