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Ancient African History

"land of burnt faces"
The first ancestor was believed to live here
Means "gold"
The largest pyramid in the world
Man made lake that covers nearly all the ancient land of Nubia
Gives the body its color
Known for its huge amounts of gold
Southern dwelling ape
Tall, slender, stone structure
Black Muslims from Morocco in North Africa
African language meaning "wonderful"
What Kemetic people called the god of the Underworld
Well known structure that had the body of a lion and the head of a man
City in Egypt where the world's largest pyramid can be found
Tombs where the kings and queens were buried
The first ancestor of Africa was said to have lived in this region of Africa
The oldest known skeleton
The stereotypical belief that Africa has no significant impact on the world
The last and one of the most powerful West African civilizations
42 rules that Kemetic people followed
Time period in Europe before daily bathing was normal
The first pyramid ever built
Yellowish type of rock used to construct pyramids
Where Kemetic people belied their soul went when a person died
Egypt's main fresh water source
The life in which Ancient Kemetic people believed they would go if they did everything they were supposed to
The most famous ruler of Ancient and the richest person in the history of the world
"Divine Speech"
Another word for an Egyptian king
"land of the black people"
What the Greeks called the god of the Underworld
One of the first African civilizations