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6th Grade World History - Chapter 6 - Renaissance & Reformation

Johannes ____ invented the movable-type printing press.
Worked for the government in Florence, Italy; observed political events in Europe and wrote The Prince.
John ___ was a pastor, teacher, and theologian in England that produced the first Bible in the English language.
Designed the dome for the Cathedral of Florence
Sculpted the door for the baptistery of Florence.
A dismissal from the Roman Church denying any opportunity for salvation.
An Italian author who wrote The Courtier
Ulrich ____ was a Swiss reformer who studied and accepted Martin Luther's teachings.
A Roman Church court set up to find and punish heretics
____ Chapel is a famous building in Rome whose ceiling was painted by Michelangelo.
____ Years' War began as a revolt by the Bohemians against loss of religious liberty, but soon became a major conflict between Catholic and Protestant forces in Europe.
A pioneer of Renaissance humanism and central figure in Italian literature; known as the Father of Humanism.
French Protestants during the Reformation
Highly regarded and influential scholar of the Renaissance who mastered Latin and Greek.
Famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci
A revival of learning in the beginning of the 14th century
People who chose to follow Scripture and leave the Roman Catholic Church.
Met several times over a 20 year period and wrote a statement of Roman Catholic beliefs and practices.
Martin ____ wrote the 95 Theses and translated the whole Bible into German.
Renaissance artist best known for his painting on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel in Rome.
Leonard _____ was the Italian artist of the Renaissance who is well known for The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.
Index of ____ Books was a list of books that were declared heretical by the Roman Catholic Church
John ___ was the leading figure in the Reformation who wrote Institutes of the Christian Religion
John ____ was a pastor in Bohemia influenced by Wycliffe's teachings who was burned at the stake.
Thomas ____ served in King Henry VIII's court and wrote Utopia.
The Last ___ was a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
A Catholic monastic order formed during the Reformation to stop the spread of Protestantism.
Ninety-Five ___ was the points of disagreement with the Roman Catholic Church written by Martin Luther.