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Historic house and farm located in Oley, PA. Buildings consist of: a 2 1/2 story log house, built between 1742 and 1800; a 2 1/2 story farmhouse built in the Georgian style; and various outbuildings.
Large department store located on Penn Street, Reading, PA. Built in 1892 and active until 1957.
A line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor. Many researchers come to the BHC library to research this.
Fried German staple, usually eaten the day before lent begins.
Body of water running from Pottsville to Philadelphia. It's name translated means "Hidden River" or "Sheltered Creek."
Located in Womesldorf and built in 1749, this is a refinery forge that processed iron from charcoal furnaces. Owned by HenryWilloam Stiegel in 1763 and George Ege in 1780.
This iconic structure sits 620 feet above the city of Reading. Built in 1908 and originally intended to be a luxury resort.
Historic Mansion located in Reading, PA, that was built for Stirling was designed and built for James Hervey Sternbergh, a Reading iron and steel magnate
Iron plantation that was founded in 1771 by Mark Bird. This cold-blast charcoal iron furnace was active until 1883.
Iconic American pioneer, explorer, woodsman, and frontiersman. His family were Quakers, and his homestead is located in Birdsboro.
German Baptismal Certificate, were especially prominent among Lutheran and German Reformed congregations.
Pennsylvania Dutch pioneer who was an interpreter and diplomat between the PA colony and Native Americans. He was a farmer, tanner, soldier, and judge.
Victorian Mansion located in Centre Park, Reading, PA, that used to be owned by the Historical Society.
Born in Germany in 1866. One of the founders of Wyomissing Industries, which included Textile Machine Works.
Historic movie theater located in Reading, PA. Designed by architect William Harold Lee in the Art Deco style, built in 1928 and operated until 1975. Demolished in 1998.
Mansion built in 1931 that was inspired by a 13th century castle in England. It sits on 10 acres of property. It turned into a restaurant in the 1970s.
1757 massacre of the Spatz family near Strausstown, PA.
A legal document that conveys or transfers property or rights from one individual to another. We have many of these, both unrecorded and recorded, in our archives.
Manuscript art of the Pennsylvania Germans; used from the 16th through 20th centuries.
Railroad that, by the mid-1900s, became the largest American carrier of anthracite coal.
Mode of transportation used during the 18th and 19th centuries, drawn by horse, mules, or oxen. We have on in our collection!
Quaker who founded the province of Pennsylvania.
The name of a 500-year-old tree located in Oley, PA.
Dutch folk art. Barn paintings that are usually in the form of "stars in circles," that began to appear in the 19th century. Images included tulips and birds.
Pottery made in the 17th through 19th centuries. Often had a ceramic glaze and was used for a variety of kitchen and dining functions.