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Paleo: The First People of New Mexico

Teacher: Scarborough
Prehistoric people are sometimes called this because they were in the Americas before Christopher Columbus arrived 47
Something or someone that/who is native to an area 47
Necessary change 50
A New Mexican ranch-hand who found the first evidence of Folsom people 48
One of the species of trees that scientists believe adapted to the new climate
Animals hunted by the Paleo people included mammoths, giant sloths, bears, bison, and these 48
After writing vocab
Using artifacts to study history 46
People who move from place to place 46
A weather condition that scientists believe might have caused the extinction of the large animals 50
A teenage Boy Scout who found the evidence of the Clovis people 49
Groups of people who hunted large animals that are now extinct 48
Anthropologists believe that people traveled across this to get to the Americas from Asia notes
Period of time when most of the earth was covered in ice 47
Hunters used rocks or ____ to chip away the edges of stones to make spear points 49
Before writing 46
A changing ____ most likely forced the Paleo people to develop a new way of life 50
Northeastern town in NM where the first evidence of Paleo people in North America was found 48
An object that is made and used by a person vocab
Name given to the first people of NM; means ancient 47