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Chemical Waving / Relaxing

Spiraling chain of amino acids; joined together by peptide bonds
Chemically restoring disulfide bonds to harden into new shape
Chemically rearranging straight hair into a curly or wavy pattern
Perm rods are placed within a staggered pattern of sections
Consist of parting that follow the shape of your guest head
Protein building blocks
Results from the oxidation of primary alcohols
Requires hair to be placed between two end papers
When a substance is unable to mix with another substance
A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution
Requires only one paper, which is folded in half much like a book
Processed by the application of heat; hood dryer, heat processor
Consist of two or more types of matter blended together
The position of the perm rod; horizontal, vertical or diagonal
Measurement of how thick or thin a liquid is
Processed by a chemical reaction that releases heat; self-heating
Also know as a circle rod
A perm rod that has an even diameter
The ability of the hair to absorb water
When a substance is able to be mixed with another substance