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A puzzle by Lex Friedman
Multiply hectares by 2.471 to get these
Entertainment industry mag that competes w/ Variety
Nominated for a record 21 Academy Awards
Laugh sound
TS _____
The first of the Twelve Minor Prophets
Otto ___ (1903–1952), Austrian-American screenwriter
A light theatrical entertainment variety show
Famous pair who say they wouldn't exist without 37-Across
Snake SFX
A sandy-colored gazelle with black horns
Senior high school, briefly
Not in the US, say
"Face," in Hawaiian
Avril Lavigne song Sk8r ___
Bahamian home of the world's third-largest wine cellar
Late great Uri Geller debunker
Illuminated by our home planet
What Gene Autry might say
Common name for the Dalbergia tonkinensis tree
One, to Hans
Suffix added to adjectives and nouns to form transitive verbs about becoming
Hwy with tolls
You might cause one unintentionally
Has been
Fancy word for the profession of each of the three men in 20-Across and 37-Across
A phrase to describe beloved UK princess's anger?
See 6-Across, because this is the same answer
Another subpart
Not yet realized, as goals
A shriek sound
Something that never happens in a Shakespeare play
NBC's Saturday Night, briefly
Dads to Jrs
Result of a campfire
They are often red
Never at odds?
____ Parker, portrayed by Justin Timberlake in film
Popular hockey league
____ Klum
What a straitjacket might do to one's arms
____ Reagle, late noted crossword constructor
What calls, counterintelligence, and ballots have in common
"Just around the _____"
The large group of people you're a part of?
Slower than 5G
The view that everything that IS, is real
What 20-Across might do for 37-Across, at his funeral
A Sri Lankan manufacturer of refrigerators
Grammatically pedantic rejoinder to "Are you him?"
Deli specification request
A-Bomb experimentation?
Visitation, perhaps?
ACT alternative
An arm or a peach will have one
Just the vowels from the name of a prominent comedy podcast network featuring Comedy Bang Bang and Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend
Pluralized suffix that indicates that a polyatomic anion contains a central zinc atom
Accustoms to somthing
VP Pence's "Mother"
One who does magic
"Peace in Persian
Jobs made famous?
Universal Edits To Losers, in brief
LeBron, perhaps, or a hardy domesticated ruminant animal
What 20-Across are
Like a layoff, briefly