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Luke Chapter 18 Part II

The blind man cried for Jesus to have __ on him. (v38)
What was the blind man doing when Jesus saw him along the Jericho road. (v35)
Jesus said to His disciples that they would soon enter this city. There prophecies concerning the Son of Man would be accomplished (v31)
Jesus asked the blind man what he wanted. He replied, :Lord, may I receive my __" (v41)
The crowd told the blind man that __ __ __ was passing by (v37) (Clue: 3 words in consecutive order)
Jews would turn Jesus over to these non-Jewish people to have Him executed (v32)
The blind man cried out to Jesus calling Him, "Thou __ __ __" (v38) (Clue: 3 words in consecutive order)
Jesus gave His disciples details regarding His death and resurrection. How much of that explanation did they understand (v34)
When the blind man received sight he followed Jesus, __ God (v43)
Name the man who said Jesus' disciples had left all to follow Him (v28)
Jesus told the blind man that this saved him (v42)
When the crowd recognized the blind man had received sight, they gave __ __ __ (v43) (Clue 3 consecutive words)
The crowd did this to the blind man, telling him to "hold his peace" (v39) (Clue: 2 consecutive words)
After execution, Jesus would rise from the grave in how many days (v33)