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Sarah Doyle Center "Gender Politics" Crossword Puzzle

The first Black woman to run for Vice President in 1952.
Represented the Freedom Democratic Party at the 1964 Democratic National Convention. Organizer of Mississippi Freedom Summer. Co-founder of National Women’s Political Caucus.
In her Pembroke Center oral history, this professor discusses her experience suing Brown University for sex discrimination in the 1970s.
Location for the first U.S. women’s rights convention in July 1848.
___________ and Domestic Workers were the only workers excluded under the National Labor Relations Act.
Southern siblings involved deeply in abolition and suffrage. One wote “Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women.”
Women could not obtain a credit card in their name until the passage of the ___________ Opportunity Act in 1974.
Federal civil rights law that promises equal access to education for all students and protects them against discrimination on the basis of sex.
___________ is the first Black woman elected to Congress with the campaign slogan “Unbossed and Unbought.” She also ran for president in 1972.
The abbreviation for the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution, yet to be fully ratified across the country, which states “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”
In one of her Pembroke Center oral histories, this assistant athletic director discusses her involvement in the 1996 Cohen v. Brown University Title IX case.
Japanese American anti-war organizer.
Leslie Feinberg’s book ___________ : Beyond Pink or Blue.
The first member of Congress to vote against the use of military force during the War on Terror. She's the only person to vote against the invasion of Afghanistan.
Scholar-activist Silvia Federici was central in this movement.
First female secretary of labor.
___________ v. Hodges is the 2015 Supreme Court case whose ruling legalized same sex marriage under the 14th Amendment.
African American suffragette who helped found the Rhode Island League of Women Voters.
Lawyer whose work was central to Brown v. Board of Education, was the first African-American woman Episcopal priest, and whose gender history is being brought to light.
The 1973 Supreme Court case whose ruling protects a pregnant person’s right to have an abortion under the 14th Amendment.