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Hinduism and Judaism

He had a vision of one true god; later, the same god asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac
In Hinduism, this word represents the idea that your actions (good or bad) can influence this life, and they can also influence your next one
"Just one god is not nearly enough..."
Prayers, songs and other actions that are offered to a god as a way of expressing devotion
Duty starts with "D", and so does this
Some Hindus believe the universe started this way
A religious ceremony or series of actions that is always performed in the same way
The qualities and beliefs that make each person unique
There isn't just one answer (there are LOTS of answers)
Demonstrating difference and variety
Rituals often contain it
For Hindus, a river that is the most sacred place of all
A place for Jews to gather and worship
Complete and total trust in something
Remember to do this when you write the words "Hinduism" and "Judaism"
Food that has been prepared according to Jewish rules
In Hinduism: it's everywhere, it's everything, it's always been and it will always remain
An organized system of beliefs and rituals, usually described in a sacred text, used to worship a god (or group of gods)
In Hinduism, this god has the head of an elephant and the body of a man
Something that is accepted or considered to be true
It's a sacred text of Judaism
It's something that's been written down
The spiritual part of a human or animal (often considered to be immortal)