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Quiz 5: History of Feminism

Laws that maintained racial segregation after slavery was abolished are called.
Focus of Second Wave of Feminism.
The traditional ___economy consisted of men and women working together to subsistence fish and farm.
The movement which sought to end slavery
The first wave movement was largely defined and led by middle class ____.
Mother and Daughter fought each other on abortion law.
Focus on women's right to vote
Rape victims were left sitting in emergency room for hours neglected, told not to use the restroom, eat, or drink results in___
Following women’s suffrage in 1920, feminist activists channeled their energy into ---legal and political channels for effecting changes in labor laws and discrimination.
Coined the term homonormativity which describes the normalization and de-politicization of gay men and lesbians.
A critique of the ways in which second wave feminists often ignored racism and class oppression and how they uniquely impact women and men of color and working-class people.
Focus of third wave of feminism.
Guam’s teen pregnancy rate is about ____ the national average.
Colonialism replaced Guam’s economy with a ___ market economy that shifted the Chamorro division of labor.
Suffragist leader
the American Naval Administration’s rule in the 20th century on Guam ___ Chamorro women’s rights and activities.
Organizes with other groups based on their shared experiences of oppression.
___ of true womanhood.
Guam’s caught national attention in 1990 because of a restrictive law on ___.
U.S. military leaders and George Bush often claimed to be waging the war to “save” Afghani women from their patriarchal and ____ men.
During World War II allowed millions of women to move into higher-paying factory jobs that had previously been occupied by men.
Motherhood provides a context through which Chamorro women have ____.
Theory by Kimberlé Crenshaw
Group formed in order to break from other suffragists who supported the passage of the 15th Amendment.
A federal agency created to craft policy according to women workers’ needs in 1920.
Guam rape crisis center.
Activism that highlights the connections between sexism, racism, classism, and imperialism.
___ was the first overseas territory of the United States to recognize same-sex marriage
There have been ___ waves in Feminism.
Feminists argue that Western feminist projects to ---women in another region do not actually liberate these women.
Pacific Islander women often___the ideas that Western feminists were proposing,
The federal agency created to enforce Title VII.