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Luke Chapter 19 Part II

Jesus said His house was to be a house of __, but instead it was turned into a den of __ (v46) (Clue: 2 words) not in consecutive order)
To show honor to Jesus, people spread __ along the road He traveled (v36)
In preparation for King Jesus' Triumphal Entry, disciples first cast __ upon the colt and then __ Jesus thereon (v35) (Clue: 2 words not in consecutive order)
The disciples gave this reply when questioned about untying the colt (Clue: 6 words stated in both v31 and v34).
The number of disciples sent to bring the donkey colt to Jesus (v29)
As Jesus taught in the temple, common people came to hear Him; but temple rulers and leaders sought to do what (v47) Clue: 2 consecutive words)
Some Pharisees asked Jesus to __ people for what they were saying (v38)
At the descent of the Mount of Olives, people began to __ and __ __ (v37) (Clue: 3 words. 2 in consecutive order)
Jesus told Pharisees that if people kept silent, what else would cry out praise (v40)
People loudly rejoiced for __ __ they had seen (v37) (Clue: 2 consecutive words)
Jesus entered the temple and drove out them that __ and them that __ (v45) (Clue: 2 words) not in consecutive order)
The colt was qualified for Jesus' spiritual purpose because no man had __ on him. (v30)
Because the Jews refused Jesus as Messiah, He foretold that enemies would surround Jerusalem on __ __ (v43) (Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)
As Jesus saw Jerusalem, He __ over the city (v41)