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Gr.6 SS Unit 3 European History

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Mrs. McCann
Ability to influence world events.
Before 1917, Russia was an?
This wall came down marking the end of the Cold War.
Military expeditions to capture the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks.
Love of one's country.
Period of distrust between Soviet Union and US
Britain, France, and Russia formed the _____ powers.
"the sun never sets on the _____ empire"
The religion European explorers wanted to spread.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Brazil was it's most profitable colony.
Leader of the Nazi party.
Treaty of ______
Scramble for ___
This country was a prison or penal colony for Great Britain.
Another name for World War I
Columbus sailed for this country.
Planned killing of a race.
Germany was part of the _____ powers.
Systematic killing of every Jew under Nazi rule.
This captain claimed Australia for Great Britain.
The son of a Portuguese King, who established a naval observatory.
Most of west Africa is what kind of land form?
Using strong armies and threats of war.
Venice and this city dominated the trade routes from Asia to Europe for a long time.
Which islands did Columbus believe were part of Asia?
The leader of the Communists.