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The Enlightenment and American Revolution

Name: ____________________________
Writers fear
Followed the US into a revolution
Ended the Revolutionary War
Strong monarchy muse
"corrupted by the evils of society"
What rococo stimulates
George III's birthplace
British Utrecht gain
Dominated George III's Parliament
Hobbes' idea for organized society
Francois-Marie Arouet
Diderot work
Life, liberty, property
Helped pay for the F&W War
Bach's denomination
Busy colonial port
Land advantage for colonial revolutionaries
Crusoe creator
Natural law and humanity
Focused on economic reform
Haydn's favorite style
Poetry setting
He set the old order
Laws to restrict trade
Articles "fix" site
Female British social critic
"separation of Powers"
Enlightenment saying
Helped France and Spain with the colonies
Boston _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
What the Declaratory Act "gave"
"The Wealth of Nations"