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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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WiSE Crossword Puzzle

What professor at Brown was recently recognized by INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine as one of the nation’s foremost role models for women interested in pursuing a career in STEM?
Who was the first Hispanic woman to be named the Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center?
Who has all but eradicated the transmission of COVID in New Zealand?
Evelyn Wang is a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT whose research focuses on using solar-powered devices to extract what from the atmosphere?
This MD/PhD female scientist played a key role in the early AIDS investigations and won the Elizabeth Blackwell Award in 2014 from the American Medical Women’s Association.
Who was the first scientist to successfully isolate the herpes Zoster virus (Shingles) using amniotic cells in tissue culture?
Read this brief article ( This article states that male academics are _% more likely to cite their own publications than their female counterparts.
Who is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize?
Who was the first woman and first LGBT person to fly in space?
Lauren Esposito is the only woman scientist expert on ______ in the world?
Rachel Carson wrote a book called _______ which highlighted the detrimental effects DDT on the environment.
Who was the first African-American female Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre?
Who was the first woman elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1965?
Ethel Tremaine Robinson was the first black woman to graduate in 1905 with a bachelor’s degree in what field?
Who was the first African American and first woman to become head of the United States Department of Energy lab? (hint: she received her doctorate degree at Brown)
Who was the longest-serving first lady in the US and supported the civil rights movement?
This Syrian-American neuroscientist from the University of Michigan participated in the “Inspiring Women in Science” event at Brown in April 2017.
Who was the first African American woman to obtain a PhD in Chemistry in 1947?
Mary-Claire King’s work as a geneticist helped the science community understand the role of genetics in diseases. She is known for demonstrating the similarity in DNA between humans and _______?
Who is the current faculty advisor for Brown’s Chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics?
Jane C. Wright was famous for promoting _____ as a viable treatment option for cancer patients.
What was the name of the only woman of color faculty member featured in the documentary “Picture a Scientist”?
Brown professor Meeknashi Narain was part of a physics team that contributed to the significant discovery of what particle?
Nancy Hopkins is a molecular biologist and professor of biology at what University?
Rosalind Franklin’s photographs of crystallized DNA proved that DNA was a ___.