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Republican Rule; Era of Good Feelings; 1824 Election

____ covert: traditional legal doctrine subordinating women to their husbands
Acronym unlikely to be used by President John Quincy Adams in a text-message, if he were to be alive today.
With 25-Down, site of crushing defeat of Britain by Andrew Jackson in 1815.
"The Judas of the West"
Legislators pushing for an aggressive foreign policy, territorial expansion, infrastructure, and trade, inter alia.
First state (abbrev.) to enact universal manhood suffrage
Adams-____ Treaty, acquired FL for US in 1819
Sacajawea's tribe
President Jefferson sent an expedition westward along this river in 1806, in order to explore the SW part of the Louisiana Purchase.
________ Compromise, in Jefferson's phrase, "a reprieve only, not a final sentence."
Frequency of Catherine Adams's WH parties
Andrew Jackson did ___ become president in 1824
"Kentucky to the Union given-- / Vermont will make the balance ____." (1791)
Spanish response in 1818 when asked to give up Florida by John Quincy Adams' negotiators (Supply an acento agudo!)
Hominy-based native-American dish adopted by the State of GA as its official prepared food in 2002
First name of President John Quincy Adams' politically talented wife.
They were chosen by state legislatures until 1824
State (abbrev.) whose admission to the Union in 1820 heightened sectional tensions
Napolean's exile to this Island in 1814 meant that the British Navy could focus all its might on its fight with the U.S. during the War of 1812
South Carolinian, President Adams' Secretary of War, and advocate for Southern planter class.
What U.S. General Van Rensselaer told his men to do so they could attack General Brock's position on the north side of the Niagara River during the Battle of Queenston Heights (Sept. 13 1812).
What Francis Scott Key did to the "Star Spangled Banner" on September 13, 1814, in Baltimore, during the War of 1812.
Jackson's response when nominated by supporters for presidential race of 1828.
Sec. of _____; cabinet post with which Henry Clay was rewarded after helping elect Adams
"Old _________", AKA U.S.S. Constitution, bested HMS Guerriere and other British warships in 1812
_____ Doctrine: asserted U.S. sovereignty in Western Hemisphere in 1823
Though it may describe his temperament, this adjective is perhaps not the most apt to describe John Quincy Adams, an avid swimmer.
Original cause of argument between Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickinson that led to a duel in 1806.
State admitted in 1820 with MO, preserving political balance between N (free) and S (slave).
Something neither side can be said to have done in the War of 1812.
Pres. Jefferson's secretary, led expedition to explore NW Louisiana purchase in 1804.
IN, MI, IL, AL--in 1820!
Where U.S. naval commander Oliver Hazard Perry "met the enemy" and won control of the Great Lakes in 1813.
State admitted to the Union in 1818, following procedures set forth in Northwest Ordinance.
Home of the Cherokee, who sided with Jackson against the Creek at Horseshoe Bend (1814), during War of 1812.