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Workplace Sitcoms

Michael J. Fox plays Deputy Mayor to Barry Bostwick (2 words)
The only precinct in New York that holds its own heists (3 words)
Dave Foley tries to keep his WNYX team on the rails
Follow medical students at Sacred Heart Hospital
She's gonna make it after all! (5 words)
Sunshine Cabs, driven by an actor, a boxer, an ex-hippie, et al.
A young attorney is haunted by a dancing baby (2 words)
A British misanthropic hotel owner's day-to-day grind (2 words)
Pawnee, Indiana: the greatest city in America (3 words)
Hard-hitting journalist and Dan Quayle nemesis (2 words)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus's third hit show features poetic profanity
America Ferrera tries to hold it together at a big box retailer
You know their names: Sam, Diane, Norm, Carla, Cliff, et al.
Wannabe actors working at a catering company (2 words)
Set in the heart of California's tech capital (2 words)
Headquarters of NBC/GE/Sheinhardt Wig Company located at 30_