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The History of Thanksgiving

The ship that brought Separatists from Europe to the new colonies
The (now) state where the Pilgrims from the Mayflower tried to make a settlement after arriving in the New World in 1620
The author of "Mary had a Little Lamb" who spent 36 years petitioning government leaders and writing articles for newspapers to get Thanksgiving made into a national holiday.
European Separatists who traveled to the New World to seek religious and political freedom
The Wampanoag chief invited to the first Thanksgiving
The U.S. President who made Thanksgiving an official national holiday
The Native American tribe that forged an alliance with the early Pilgrims to help them survive their second winter
The leader of the Pilgrims that ordered the first feast of thanksgiving to be celebrated with the Wampanoag tribe
The act or process of gathering a crop
The month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving
A representation of a goat's horn filled with fruits, flowers, and grains - signifying prosperity
An early corn variety that Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant and grow. This became the Pilgrims first successful crop.
A member of the Pawtuxet tribe who taught the Pilgrim how to cultivate corn