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L019B: Isaac, Esau & Jacob (Genesis 25-36) Review

This brother tricks his father and steals the blessing meant for the first-born son.
He was preferred by his father and sold his birthright for a pot of stew (pottage).
Rachel's first son. Jacobs favorite son.
The total number of SONS born to Jacob. (use the family tree from questions or the Bible to count them)
Rachel's second son born with Jacob. She dies during childbirth.
On Jacob's journey to meet Esau, he struggles with a man.
This brother has to flee after tricking his dad. They send him to live with Rebekah's brother.
The number of sons LEAH gave birth to with Jacob.See Gen 20:31; Gen 30: 1-21.
The act of forgiveness and mending of relationships.
The oldest (first-born) brother and was born with a reddish hairy mantle. This detail was used to help trick Isaac.
The woman Jacob falls in love with first, but does not end up marrying her at first because his uncle deceives him. He works for his uncle for another 7 years to earn her as his bride.
Isaac warns Jacob that he cannot marry a ______woman and must chose a wife from his Uncle/s daughters. (Gen 28:1-2)
(vocabulary from Bible-Gen 28:22) The twins roughly pushed around in their moms womb to the point she complained about it.
The place where Jacob had a dream where the Lord promised to fulfill the covenant made with Abraham.
He was favored by his mother and tricked his brother out of his blessing.
The fourth son born from Leah. (Gen 29:31-35)
The number of sons Rachel gave birth to with Jacob.
Married to Isaac
Where Laban lives and where Jacob went to find a wife as instructed.
Jacob and Esau do this after many years of being estranged ( alienated ) from each other. A part of forgiveness. See Gen 33: 3-4 for a hint)
1st son born from Leah and Jacob.
Deception played a big part throughout Genesis 25-36. Because of this one of the main themes is the ability to reconcile through this action.
Second son of Abraham
Gen 28:1213 The image in Jacob's dream where this rested on the ground up to heaven. He had a dream while on his journey to his uncle.
(vocabulary from Bible- Gen 25:21) Isaac begged the Lord on behalf of his wife asking Him to all her to become pregnant.
Jacob's name was changed to this after a struggle with a man while journeying to meet Esau. It means "you contended with divine and human beings and have prevailed" (Gen 32:23-32)
The first wife of Jacob because of his uncle's trickery.
Vocabulary word. Happens often in the events of Isaac, and Jacob. Meaning: To cause someone to believe something that is not true, often to gain an advantage.