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OH History Wb Ch 4 & 5 Quiz

Money paid to the government
Law that required colonists to buy stamps for paper goods and documents.
The body of representatives that makes laws for Great Britain.
In 1787, Congress passed the ____________ ____________.
The first battle between British soldiers and American colonists took place at Lexington and Concord in ________________.
In 1783, the defeated _______________ gave the Northwest Territory to the newly established United States as part of the treaty signed at the end of the Revolutionary War.
The colonists would often cry, " No _______________ without representation!"
Parliament decided to tax goods bought in the colonies because the French and Indian War was _______________ for Great Britain.
The Proclamation of 1763 set aside land west of the __________________ Mountains for the American Indians, and it prohibited colonists from settling on the land.
A person chosen to express the thoughts and opinions of a larger group.
In 1783, the Treaty of __________ officially ended the American Revolutionary War.
After many years of fighting, the British army surrendered to George Washington at the Battle of ____________ in 1781.
Law that increased the price of sugar, molasses, and several other colonial goods.
To refuse to buy goods as a protest