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Native American Culture & History in CNY

Mohawk war leader who sided with Great Britain during the American Revolution
Construction work that the some Mohawks are noted for
One of the three sisters
Casino operated by the Oneida Nation in Verona NY
Fought alongside her husband Hanyery Tewahangarahken in the American Revolution
The Tree of Peace, type
The Oneida and Mohawk are two of its six nations
One of the three clans of the Oneida Nation
Oneida Indian Nation Cultural Center
People of the Standing Stone
Symbol for North America
Christian Native American tribe that lived near Deansboro
Presbyterian minister and missionary to the Oneida and Tuscarora Indians; buried in the Hamilton College Cemetery
People of the longhouse, in Iroquois language
Capital of the Haudenosaunee
Joined in 1723
Oneida creation story
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem named after this Mohawk leader
Traditional dwelling
Sport with Native American roots