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Luke Chapter 22 Part III

After Peter's third denial, the rooster crowed. At that time Jesus turned and did what (v61) (Clue: 3 words in consecutive order)
The Sanhedrin asked Jesus if He was the Christ. Part of His reply was, "Henceforth, shall the Son of Man sit on the __ __ of the power of God (v69) (Clue: 2 words inconsecutive order)
When realizing his sin of betrayal, Peter went out and did what (v62) (Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)
Occupation of the man whose ear was cut off by a sword (v50) (Clue: 5 words in consecutive order)
Which ear was cut off the high priest's servant (v50)
Name the man at front of the multitude coming to Jesus. (v47)
The time when Jewish leaders led Jesus into their council to charge Him with blasphemy (v66) (Clue: 6 words in consecutive order)
Those with the duty of holding/watching Jesus __ and smote Him (v63)
The multitude took Jesus to the high priest's house to begin His trial. Who followed far behind (v54)
Peter's first denial of Jesus occurred when this person identified him as one of Jesus' men. (v56) (Clue: 3 words in consecutive order)
In addition to beating Jesus, His captors spoke __ against Him. (v65)
What act did Judas do in betraying Jesus (v48)