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History of Psychology

First viewed as antagonistic forces, later opposites and complimentary (42)
Time plagued with religious fervor, magical and superstitious thinking (79)
Caused all philosophical thought to be divided as pre and post ? (55)
Emerged in the 10th & 11th centuries, most critical development (89)
Religion dominated their thoughts (43)
In 1879, the formal founding of ? (237)
Thousands of major & minor Gods dominated thoughts (42)
The number that populated early Chinese thought (41)
Most famous physician of antiquity, founder of medicine (53)
Location that produced an explosion of intellectual curiosity (46)
Mapping of CNS and PNS, this occurred in the ? (181)
Most influential Arabian philosopher & physician (85)
Chinese Humanist, interested in moral/harmony life of people (41)
Scientific procedures & laws apply to all phenomena (197)
Choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine and melancholic, these are the (71)
Wrote Discourse on Method, Meditations, and was regarded as a rationalist (154)
Loved to measure things, is considered to be founder of educational and behavioral statistics (190)
Natural spirit, vital spirit and animal spirit (72)
Most celebrated figures in history of science, lived from 1564-1642 (104)
Second only to Hippocrates in Western medicine (71)