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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What does Julia’s sash symbolize?
Method of silencing enemies of the Party
How many ministries run the government?
The use of __________ helps to control society.
From whose shop does Winston get the book he uses for his diary? (two words)
The man in the posters is an embodiment of the __________.
Proles are often compared to __________.
The language of Oceania
One motif of the novel is the evils of this type of political system.
What does Julia fearfully pass to Winston before they officially meet? (two words)
A(n) __________ on Winston’s ankle causes discomfort.
At the end of the novel, Winston sits in The __________ __________ Café. (two words)
Winston’s hallucinations take his mind to the __________.
Method to avoid having spontaneous anti-Party, criminal thoughts
The screen that transmits Party propaganda and spies on Party members
The news on the telescreen prepares the viewer for a 33% cut in the __________ ration.
What is the worst thing in the world for Winston?
A criminal purged of anti-Party ideas, removed from written records, and sometimes vaporized
One of the Party’s slogans (three words)
Officials responsible for arresting people guilty of crimes (two words)
The uneducated masses of common people
Who says, “It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage"?
The Party encourages this to populate the country with children.
Thinking that is not approved by the Party
Syme says, “The whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of __________.”
Event held to express hatred of Party enemies and heighten Oceania efforts (two words)
Parsons is arrested for saying, “Down With __________ __________” in his sleep. (two words)
How many traitors does Winston watch in the café?