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John's Puzzler #17

In 1886 Josephine Cochrane gave us this now staple automatic kitchen appliance
Legendary entertainment mogul, he dropped out of high school to serve in WWI
The longest song ever to top the Billboard Popular Music Charts (2 words)
Citra-Frost Company, this future U.S. President's failed frozen orange juice business
The record for continuous time playing this iconic board game, a staggering 70 hours!
This "Gateway to America" island was originally called Gibbet
Precursor to The U.S. Constitution, The Articles of _____________
The Beatles last scheduled concert was played in 1966 at this baseball Park
Willie Nelson wrote this hit song on an airline airsickness bag (4 words)
The only state that allows voters to cast a ballot for nobody, "None of These Candidates" has actually won four primary elections here since 1975
Moby-Dick's Captain Ahab's First Mate, Mr. ________
He wrote "The Pit and the Pendulum"
This iconic inventor introduced the metal detector
This state elected the first woman to Congress in 1916
Pat McInally, the only player ever to achieve a perfect score of 50 on this NFL Draft cognitive test
Disneyland is the birthplace of these long-loved snack food chips
Russian Dressing was invented in this country
Baseball's first player to earn one million dollars in a season (2 words)
The only Great Lake located entirely within the U.S.A.
The White House Press Briefing Room originally housed a ________ ____ (2 words)
Storied American Civil War battleships, the Monitor and the _________
Disney cartoon icon, the most popular write-in candidate name in U.S. political office elections (2 words)
This Central American country has no standing army (2 words)
This Christmas carol staple was originally written to celebrate Thanksgiving (2 words)
The very first TV Dinner entrée in 1954
He killed Macbeth
First hitting the airwaves in 1972 it is America's oldest pay television service
Our bodies require Vitamin D to absorb this vital mineral
Mitt Romney's real first name
One _____ has roughly 15 horsepower