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Oneida County Historical Hall of Fame Members

Only female recipient of the Medal Of Honor
Secretary of War under William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912
Sister of a Governor of New York and wife of a powerful figure in the Republican Party who helped form the Oneida County DAR
Civil War General who wrote Taps
Brothers who founded the Savings Bank of Utica
Author who wrote Drums Along the Mohawk
Founder of Kodak who was born in Waterville
Signer of the Declaration of Independence buried in Westernville
Started a brewery
Served as First Lady of the United States until her brother married. Lived in Holland Patent
Whom the Oneida County History Center's Research Library is named after
Notable abolitionist born in Utica
Fought for Women's Suffrage
Commanded the Tryon County Militia at the Battle of Oriskany
Businessman who opened his first five and dime store in Utica
Civil War General who was Ulysses S. Grant replacement as Commanding General of the US Army. Born in Westernville.