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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

Caxton Crossword

Super bummed
Not sure how that take sounded? Give it a quick _____
"We sink, we float, and it's _____"
You can watch 3 live Caxton performances from this solar powered mobile recording studio on YouTube
Rise and shine
A hopeful view of the future
In "Plotting A Murder", how many ways are there? [a]
Caxton played this outdoor event alongside Jungle and Kimbra in 2015 during the Coachella Music Festival
This cephalopod graced t-shirts, stickers, and Caxton's drum head for years
Come on, ______
Listen closely for a "meow" at the end of this track
Only the most devout Caxton fans will remember their first trial band name
They wave to greet you on your drive into the Coachella Valley
What bulls do [the]
Trade a spot of this for your troubles
Do your best to beat that summer heat
The big bad scary thing under your bed
Get a _____ _____, hurry up!
They can be on hills or rush in
"What do you know? They're in an _____"