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See how many of these you know right off!
Opposite of more
A gigantic quadruped planteater
The biggest town in Nebraska
Fossilized tree resin
Sometimes found in 11 across
A total failure
A tool for chopping wood
Give it a go
A flying dinosaur
Really thick string
Less than two
An ___ of corn
A kind of bomb
Break into a hundred pieces
A pizza ingredient
The meanest and baddest one
Not happy
A picnic pest
Plural of 1 down
A small taste of tea
The "Roof Lizard"
One way to find fossils
A scary movie about making dinosaurs
Chill out
A building block
Dinosaur poop
divisible by two without a remainder
A kind of turtle or red fish
The framework of a dinosaur
A shaggy ox from Tibet
A lion's home
Breakfast bread; or a loser
Probable cause of the great dinosaur extinction
Where clouds are found
One bit of foliage on a tree
A warm supper to go with a 30 across sandwich
Sheep sound
A ball-like object
Where the dinosaurs of La Brea are found
A shaker filler from the ocean
Where everything is
Often found on the beach
A famous Egyptian king
Part of many flag designs or what makes a zebra a zebra
A scientific office or a kind of black dog
A very fast dinosaur
Part of a 56 across
A coconut tree
A desert plant with stickers
One who looks for fossils
An ocean west of England
Not common
How to get an answer
Put away for later
Fine dirt seen in the air or under your bed with the monsters
Animal remains preserved from a past geological age
A small belch
Right now; or a gift
A big snowstorm
A long trip
A large primate that lacks a tail
A root vegetable
Steel ropes
A garden tool for gathering 38 across
a glacial episode during a past geological period
A big nail
Opposite of west
Writing liquid