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Reigning Cats and Dogs

Pool hustler's shot
Moh's hardness = 1
Guam's capital
Jamaican citrus hybrid
"The Lion King" protagonist
Class just before geol
Dumbo's proboscis
Ballet bend
Katherine of "Law and Order CI"
Poo's bouncy pal
Humble, lovable superhero
Propane or butane
Clifford's color
End of Ramadan holiday
Peru city
Olympian's blade
Haida pole
The very finest
Fish stories
Toxic-air cleaners
"Where ar you" pooch
Chocolate source
Sam Sheepdog's wolf friend
Sirens, buzzers, & bells
Ralph Wolf's sheepdog friend
Andy Panda's dimwitted dog
Sea to Costeau
Angel dust
Old witch
Micronesian Chuuk Island
Odie tormenter
Woodstock's beagle buddy
Organic chemical compound
Night in Paris
Play the part of
Volcano in Sicily
One cubic meter
Carpentry tool
House or hotel unit
Dick Dastardly's canine cohort
Actium victor, 31 B.C.
Power hitter
Howl at the moon
Glacial deposit
⅙ fl. oz.
Legal rights org.
Singer Cleo or Frankie
Antiquing agent
"101 Dalmatians" mother dog
Cyber-policeman of film
Hurdles for some couples
DC Comics "Wonder Dog"
Final text reviewer
Spiderman actor Willem
Belgium expressionist James
Marching band instruments
Type of golf tourney
Seafood entree
Mimicking bird
More vulgar
Toothed engine disc
1992 David Mamet play
Bugs' favorite
Rhetorical Understatements
Large, crass public sculpture
Papal court
Kettle and Bell
Micky's pooch pal
Grind teeth
1930's cartoon frog
Flintstones' doglike pet
Eight (prefix)
Scot's hat