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Luke Chapter 24 Part I

While still unrecognized by followers, Christ preached to them things concerning __. (v27)
Two followers of Jesus journeyed home from Jerusalem. Who joined them along the way? (v15)
As the Christ followers walked, He asked them a question to which Christ already knew the answer. He asked why they were __. (v17)
Arriving at the tomb, women found the stone rolled away, but did not find this, (v3) (Clue: 5 words in consecutive order)
Name the disciple/ follower who asked Christ if He had not heard about the crucifixion events? (v18)
Who delivered Jesus to be crucified? (v20) (Clue: 5 words in consecutive order)
Cleopas said some of their group went to the sepulcher and found angels who declared this. (v23)(Clue: 3 words in consecutive order)
Angels declared Christ's resurrection to the women by asking, "Why seek the __ __ __ __?" (v5) (Clue: 4 words in consecutive order)
Instead of rejoicing at an empty tomb, the women were __ __. (v4) (Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)
At resurrection news, unlike other disciples, John and this disciple arose and ran to the sepulcher? (v12)
The women quickly announced the resurrection news to the __ and His other followers. (v9)
Cleopas called Jesus of Nazareth a __. (v19)
Unfortunately, disciples did not believe the resurrection news and it seemed to them as what? (v11) (Clue: 2 words in consecutive order)