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Mary Poppins- The Day Out (2)

The two ate _________ with their imaginary jam cakes
Mary lost the _________ in her hat and her silk cape as they left
Mary wore white ______and an umbrella out with her, and thought very highly of herself/looks
Mary was excited to go on her usual _______ date with Bert to eat raspberry jam cakes, but he had only made pennies from his drawing that day
The handle of Mary's umbrella was a ________ head
Michael wanted to know if Mary had seen __________ (no spaces)
Mary shoe buckles were made of _________
Mary Poppins got every second __________ off from 1-6 pm
Mary tends to ________ quite a bit when she wants to express herself without words
Jane wanted to know if Mary saw __________
_________ Alfred, the match-man was a very important person in Mary's life
A large white chalk door outline was the _________ (no spaces)
After their meal, Mary and Bert rode the ____________ (no spaces) all the way to Yarmouth and back
Where Mary told the children she had been
Mary and Bert jumped into his drawing of the __________side
Despite their disappointment, Mary and Bert knew how to enjoy each others company and have a positive spirit by using their __________
Bert behaved __________ when Mary complimented his artwork
A _________ who wasn't in the drawing joined Mary and Bert when they sat down at the little green table
"Strike me _____" is a phrase used to show shock or astonishment
When the pavement picture closed
Mary was particularly impressed with Bert's straw ______
A match-man rotated selling matches and drawing pavement pictures out of _________ to make money