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Sociology: Chapter 1

Shared ideas or beliefs that serve to justify the interests of dominant groups.
A theoretical perspective based on the notion that social events an be best explained in terms of the functions they perform.
An economic system based on the private ownership of wealth, which is invested and reinvested to produce profit.
One item used to stand for or represent another.
The functions of an activity that are known and intended by the individuals involved in the activity.
A body of thought deriving its main elements from Karl Marx's ideas.
The study of large scale groups, organizations, or social systems.
A sociological perspective that emphasizes the role of political and economic power and oppression as contributing to the existing social order.
Study of human groups and societies.
A situation in which social norms lose their hold over individual behavior.
The development of social, cultural, political, and economic relationships stretching worldwide.
The belief that society is no longer governed by history or progress; and there is no 'grand narrative' guiding its development.
The study of human behavior in contexts of face to face interaction.
Functional consequences that are not intended or recognized by the members of a social system in which they occur.
Advocacy of the rights of women to be equal with men in all spheres of life.