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Story of Abraham

Abraham's wife
Abraham passed it!
King of Gerar (Gen 20:2)
Issac's wife
God's promise to Abraham was that he would be a GREAT_______?
Abraham's nephew
God's messenger
Multiple years (family description)
When did Abrahma and Issac leave for the mountain?
An agreement between parties
God's __________
Book of the Bible where Abraham's story is found
Place of sacrafice
What God did with the ram
Early _________
Abimelech had a _______
Abraham's son
Abraham's 1st son (not the promised one)
Carrier of supplies (animal)
Meaning is "well of oath" (place of treaty between Abraham and Abimelech)
Where Abraham was to make the sacrafice to God.
Family dwelling together
Where Abraham pitched his tent before heading toward the Negev.
Time of the Lord
Issac was not just a promise, but a ________
Similar to a sacrifice
Father of Nations
Used to burn on the alter
Sarah did ______
Provision on the mountain