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MARY POPPINS- The Bird Woman (7)

Mother's daily thoughts included paying for the __________ and Michael's coat, finding Aunt Flossie's address, and keeping her schedule straight
Though the woman never says anything but her two line song, she also puts all the birds to bed in bird _________
The Bird Woman sold bags of _____ to give the birds (no spaces)
Poppins told the naughty bird that it belonged in a ______
The children thought their mother had ______ about going to visit Mr. Banks among her other responsibilities
Mary Poppins was wearing a new hat and was admiring herself in all the _____ windows
Fussy, chatty grey doves
Brown _____ were like the Uncles
St. Paul's ________ was the Bird Woman's home, and was built by Sir Christopher Wren
Type of flower on Mary's hat
Silly, anxious, _____ blue doves were the mothers
Feed the ______!
______ always knew everything
Setting: _____ Hill
Before bed, all the birds tidy up any crumbs left on the ground, bathe themselves, and comb their ______
Mary tells Michael that Jane's story is not ________, but he loves it anyways and doesn't seem to believe Mary
It was Michael's turn to pay with four _________
________ a bag!
Mary, who called all the birds "sparrers", was upset that a bird stole a flower off her new hat and put it on the _______'s hat (no spaces)
The children spread the food out in the shape of a ________ on the ground
Greeny, cackling pigeons
Mr. Banks considered tea with his family to be a ______
In his excitement of seeing the woman, Mary had to remind Michael not to ________
Every crumb was eaten because it's not polite for a pigeon or dove to leave anything on their ________
Jane tells Michael a story of how when everyone leaves the hill at night, the birds swarm down underneath the Bird Woman's _______ to sleep
The reason for the outing was to visit Father at the ________