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On the Road Again!

The Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, via choppers (2 words)
Aspen, CO., via a dog grooming van (3 words)
First a mountain retreat, then Mexico, via a 1966 Ford Thunderbird (3 words)
Eloping in New York City, via Greyhound, Model T (4 words)
The Southern Classic in Atlanta, via a Coors Beer truck and a Pontiac Trans Am (4 words)
"The green place," via a customized post-apocalyptic war rig (2 words)
One last hurrah in Napa Valley, via a red Saab 900
A "Rainbow Connection" in Hollywood, via a 1951 Studebaker (3 words)
Getting the band back together in Chicago, via the "Bluesmobile" (3 words)
Strangers travel to New Mexico, via a horse-drawn vehicle
Returning an orphan to St. Joseph, MO., via a Ford Model A, Model 68, and Model T (2 words)
A beauty pageant in Redondo Beach, via a bright yellow VW Bus (3 words)
Steve Martin's plan A to get to Chicago, before resorting to trains and automobiles