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Ownership Rights and Limitations in Real Estate

The gradual and imperceptible wearing away of the land by natural forces is called __.
Where water is plentiful, states may rely on the simple parameters set by the common-law doctrines of __ and littoral rights.
A voluntary lien given to a lender by a borrower as security for a real estate loan is a __ lien.
A claim, charge or liability that attaches to real estate and may decrease the value or obstruct the use of the property is a/an__.
Local communities passing environmental protection laws is an example of __ power.
The process whereby the government acquires privately owned property for public use is __.
An individual who holds a remainder estate becomes the property owner at the conclusion of a __ estate.
An easement by __ is created by court order based on the principle that owners must have the right to enter and exit their land.
The sudden removal of soil due to an act of nature is called __.
Any restriction that affects the use of land, limits its use and is binding to all grantees is a/an __ restriction.
The rights granted to property owners whose land borders commercially navigable lakes, seas, and oceans are called __ rights.
A/an __ easement runs with the land.
The lien that would be given the highest priority when disbursing funds from a foreclosure sale is a lien for real estate __ due.
A __ library is not subject to real estate taxes.
__ simple absolute represents the highest interest in real estate.
A __'s lien claim arises when a contractor has performed work or provided material to improve a parcel of real estate and has not been paid.
The phrase "Pur autre vie" means for the life of __.
The increase in the amount of land owned due to the natural action of the water is called __.
A homeowner may be allowed certain protection from judgments of creditors as a result of the state's __ rights.
General real estate taxes levied for the operation of the government are called ad __ taxes.
A __ is a personal privilege to enter the land of another for a specific purpose.
When an individual dies and leaves no will, any real property will transfer to the state through a process called __.
The type of easement that is a right-of-way for a utility company's power lines is an easement in __.