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Contingencies, Addenda and Amendments in Real Estate

__ is known to be associated with radon.
A/an __ contingency allows for testing for the presence of lead-based paint.
__ stands for loan to value.
To make a change to a contract, a/an __ must be used.
A contingency that particularly deals with financing issues is a/an __ contingency.
Contamination from underground storage tanks is addressed by __ regulations.
Property __ must be disclosed to all purchasers.
Lead-based paint disclosure is required by __ law.
__ is a hazardous substance that is produced by the decay of radioactive materials.
The property sale contingency protects the __.
A/an __ is additional information given in the offer.
In a/an __ market, most sellers will be unwilling to accept a sales contingency.
A condition that must be satisfied before a sales contract is fully enforceable is called a/an __.
If the buyer cannot get buyer approval under the Third Party Financing Addendum, the buyer has an opportunity to __ the contract.
A/an __ contingency ensures clear title.
__ is generally a concern for someone with allergies.
A/an __ contingency might result in a seller lowering the sales price.
In general, contingencies in a sales contract creates a/an __ contract.
__ loans uses an LTV higher than 95%.
Carbon __ is a hazardous substance that can be quickly absorbed by the body.