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Mary Poppins- John and Barbara's Story (9)

The sun had its orders to move from East to _______ and couldn't avoid the nursery
Though he knew what would happen, losing the twins as talking companions made the starling cry a little, though he blamed it on having a _____
Mary explained the twins fussing to Mrs. Banks as the fact they were growing ________
Aunt Flossie was amused by the fact that John could play a song by putting his _____ in his mouth
The bird insisted he had no time for manners like saying "_______" (no spaces)
The twins thought they were "World Wonders, little _________" that wouldn't forget nature's language as they grew older
Sun told to shut his______ if he was bothered
Mary was drying clothes by the _____
John and Barbara both loved their mother very much and didn't blame her for not ____________
Barbara offered the bird her ___________
John told the _____ to move because it was in his eyes
Mrs. Banks nicknamed the twins ________, sweets, and love-birds
The house was quiet and dreamy because Jane and Michael were at a _________
John found it ridiculous that Jane wanted to speak the language of the _____
Illustrator of the story: Mary ____________
Aunt Flossie said she wanted to ______ Barbara when the baby girl was able to take off her own socks
At the end of the chapter, the starling left for the last time to go spring clean his __________
Mrs. Banks was in the drawing room ________ relaxing
Mrs. Brill read a ___________ while the children were out
Barbara thought the sun was sweet and told it, "____________" (no spaces)
A ________ bird came to the window and argued with Mrs. Poppin's about the nursery of always being chatty
Because she was the only grownup that did remember, the starling referred to Mary as "the Great _________"
John was noisy on Saturday because he had a __________
___________ was in the garden busy doing nothing (no spaces)
The starling couldn't help but to _______ at Mrs. Banks thinking she understood the twins and the twins being determined that they'd never forget as they grew older
Knowing they would not be able to understand soon made the twins _____
The starling came back the day after the twins' ________ birthday and they couldn't understand him, just as the bird and Mary predicted
_________ are able to understand the sun, stars, birds, wind, and trees
Author of the book: P.L. ___________