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Last week in Jan: Canada History

Fur trader's water vehicle
Lowest card
Post Office abbrv.
One of Canada's official languages
Alberta product
Dog name or black mark
Canada's neighbour to the south
Tops to milk jugs
Sask capital
Canada's reserves had a _____ system
"That's fine"
"This __ that."
"Neither this __ that!"
Public Library abbrv.
PM Mackenzie King talked to his dead ___
First Prime Minister
Don't stop
Canada's biggest city
General James _____
First Nations, __, and Metis
Important animal for fur trade
You and I together
__, myself, and I
World __ II
low speed
Mouth part
US spy agency
Where two right angles meet
Kilometers __ hour
Crop that makes margarine
Ingredients for an omlette
Canada's sport
Nation that colonized Mexico (not Canada)
Animal that explorers first found
____ Bay Company
Our province's abbrv.
Square root of zero
"This ___ great!"
Ancient Italian city
"__ way, dude!"
Opposite of leg
"Mr. Schneider is not ___"
CFL Toronto ___nauts
5 dollar bill guy
Battle of the ___ of Abraham
___ syrup
Hockey's ___ Cherry
Capital of New France
Capital of Canada
The CN ________
Metis leader
Place to get water
Virginia abbrv.
The O in IOU