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The Secret Life Of Bees

Item used in making coffee. The pot where water is added and cycled through coffee beans
a material, surface, or structure shaped into alternate ridges and grooves.
Synonym for intricate
A trait of a person who misreads what is appropriate to do in certain situations
A luminous light that when looked at from different angles changes colours.
Often used to describe teenagers who commit petty crimes.
A item on top of a persons head used to represent an angel
Process of applying certain amounts of water to a plant at periodic times.
Intimidation method used to sway someone’s opinion
An embarkment built To stop rivers from overflowing
An East Asian plant used as a fodder crop.
Alternative word for “the following day”
Different word for the stitching pattern “twill weave”
The inner white lining of a citrus fruit
A non smoking tobacco made from pulverized tobacco leaves.