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Black History Trivia #1

America's oldest historically black college for women
Beverly Johnson was the first black model on this magazine
Harriet Tubman reportedly suffer from this disease
First self-made female millionaire
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that abolished slavery
He is known as the “Father of Negro History"
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that granted black Americans citizenship and equal protection under the law
First female Egyptian Pharaoh
Fredrick Douglas founded and published this anti-slavery newspaper
First State to abolish slavery
Charles Drew is credited with creating this
A commemoration meant to celebrate slaves receiving word of emancipation
Garrett A. Morgan created this
First African American to win and be nominated for an Academy Award in 1939
First African American female pilot who obtained a license
The oldest civil rights organization still working today
Dr. Maulana Karenga created this cultural observance designed to celebrate African-American heritage
Alex Haley novel made into a television mini-series in 1977 and 1979
The United Negro College Fund was established in 1944 to provide financial support to students who are enrolled in this type educational institution