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Apparel 1 - 1.01 History of the Industry

There is a word bank for this crossword on Canvas.
Father of haute couture and first to put his name on a clothing label
Elias Howe sued Issac Singer for patent infringement over this invention
This invention dramatically changed how we buy and market clothing
Many machines were invented during this time to make fabric and clothing production faster
Popularized the "little black dress"
This little metal part added strength to pockets and was enough to get a patent for waist overalls
He invented blue jeans
Factory made clothing, sold in finished condition in standardized sizes
After WWII this garment gained widespread acceptance for women
Invented home sewing patterns
Waist overalls were invented during this century
Machine for separating the cotton seed from the cotton fibers
This 20th century designer created the "New Look"
Cheap, affordable clothing that quickly moves trends from runway to retail stores
The first mass produced ready-to-wear garments were made for this group
Invented by Samuel Crompton
During this century women's hemlines rose dramatically
This city is the fashion capital of the world