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Review of history chapter 4

The name of the Southern Kingdom
The celebration of the rededication of the Temple
The tabernacle, the temple, and synagogues are all created for this
Capital of the northern kingdom
Capital of the Southern Kingdom
Israel's first king
How many years the Israelites wandered in the desert
The old testament in Greek
To Babylon in 586 BC
What Judas McCabe is did to the temple
Part of the promise of the New covenant
The davidic covenant says that one of David's ____will always sit on the throne
Descendants of Israelites who enter married with other nations
Conquered the southern Kingdom
The combo of the Mishnah and the Gemara, a book of laws and traditions
Leader of the northern kingdom
A Jewish leader
Jews who opposed the current leaders
People who are not Jewish
The scattering of the Jews amongst the Nations
Celebration of the Angel of death passing over Israelite homes with blood on their doorframe
Anointed as king when the first king turned from God
Conquered the northern kingdom
Type of Judaism that focuses on obedience and tradition
Celebration of Queen Esther saving the Jews from Haman
This happened in Jerusalem in AD 70
Where the last Jewish rebels committed mass suicide
Caesaria maritima was destroyed because of an unstable _____
Hebrew word for the one true God
Christ who came to save his people
God's nickname for this man became the name of the Jewish country
God made a covenant with him to bless all the nations through his family
Led the Israelites out of Egypt
Leader of the Southern Kingdom
1446 BC
The name of the northern kingdom