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Texas History Modules 17-19a

_____colonies were established west of Austin and became the towns of Fredericksburg, the Braunfels, and Solms.
Who was the first elected vice president of Texas? (Two words)
The people who fought against slavery were ___.
______ ______ ___ was sent to the Mexican border to command the American troops. ( three words)
___ ___ ___ ___ ended the war in California. (Four words)
Who was the first appointed president of Texas?
Who was the Mexican general at the Alamo?(Two words)
______called the annexation of Texas an act of war.
Name of the city where Santana was defeated was called ___ ___. (Two words)
What Republic was established in 1840 with Laredo as its capital?
The belief that all America was destined to go from ocean to ocean is called _____ .(two words)
_______did not want America to grow.
What president was first to recognize Texas as Republic?
Who was the first elected president of Texas? (Two words)
What was the name of the organization established to protect frontier homes from Indian attacks?
In 1845 ___ ___ voted for Texas to become an American state. (Two words)
Remember the ____!
The Constitution of Texas said that the first president would serve_____ years.